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In a continent full of wilderness and wonder, there’s little to compare with that special feeling, fantastical yet fleeting, of an African sunset. And there are a few reasons why Nkwichi offers some of the best…


  • Most importantly, Nkwichi sits on the wild, Mozambican shores of Lake Malawi, meaning it faces West, one of the few lodges on the lake to do so. This means a clear, unobstructed view, every evening, of the sun slipping slowly towards the water.
  • There are few better surroundings on the continent in which to experience an African sunset. The ancient Rift Valley coastline, resplendent with pristine natural woodland, scattered sandy bays and volcanic rocks, provides a perfect frame for capturing a moment of magic.
  • With 4km of coastline, there are a number of tantalizing places to view from, giving a different feeling every night. Atop a rock island, witness the last of the suns rays bringing the dazzling mica and quartz to life, or gaze from one of Nkwichi’s viewpoints, with panoramic views over the lake, and the first stars heralding the curtain of night.
  • Completely cut off from the rest of the world, there’s little to disturb the serenity. No roads, cars, phones or bars. No noise or dust polluting the air. Just the magic of Africa’s most incandescent hour complemented by the lapping of the waves and the cry of the lonely Fish Eagle.
  • Nkwichi gives you the freedom to decide how to enjoy your moment. Sit back with a G&T, the soft sand between the toes while the tales of fellow travellers hover over a crackling fire. Or choose a quiet corner with your partner, glass of wine in hand, taking a moment to share the golden embers of the day glittering in each other’s eyes.