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You should be able to get your visa on arrival in Mozambique and Malawi. However, we strongly suggest you apply in advance for e-VISA to minimize delays at the border points. Check details on the official sites:

For Malawi

For Mozambique

If you are coming from Malawi - via Lilongwe and Likoma Island - the Nkwichi team will take you through Malawi exit immigration procedures, and escort you by boat across to Cobue where you can purchase a visa for Mozambique for $50 ($50 notes only, no older than 2013), and then continue to Nkwichi. The VISA system at Cobue has been known to malfunction so having your Mozambique VISA ahead of travel is a bonus.  If you will be exiting via Malawi again, we suggest that you purchase a multiple-entry visa upon your original arrival in Malawi if possible.

* NB visa costs and conditions are subject to change at any point. We are happy to provide you with an invitation letter to apply for a visa if need be, please request this from us in good time.