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Magical Skies

The skies over Nkwichi are nothing short of spectacular. David Livingstone named our lake the “Lake of Stars” for the reflections of the sun on the water, but it could just as well have been for the night sky !

  • Enjoy one of the Nkwichi highlights, a night sleeping on the beach’s sparkling white sands under a canopy of stars in the ‘Star Bed’, a unique and unforgettable experience
  • Watch fireflies glitter in the trees and let the fire crackle at your feet as you are served a sundowner in the first flickers of twilight
  • Escape to secluded beaches and rock viewpoints for a private romantic candle lit dinner beneath the stars
  • Board our traditional wooden boat for a sunset cruise, looking out across the water to the distant mountains of Malawi, as the night sky transforms from a thick band of orange to deepest blue