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Eco Tourism


The second leg of the African Pot - the Manda Wilderness Project – is conservation.

Nkwichi successfully protects its pristine concession of 650 hectares, including 4km of coastline, from poaching, over-fishing and uncontrolled fires.

In partnership with the local communities, it has helped establish a huge conservation area of 225,000 hectares (roughly the size of greater London), the Manda Wilderness Community Conservation Area. This runs from the Mozambican shores of Lake Malawi and the Nssinje River, 40km to the east, and is a mix of dry land forests, thinly wooded savannah and marsh land on the plateau. 

This is a pristine wilderness area, with great potential where villagers are encouraged to make the most of their natural resources, and to avoid over-using them.

Game is still relatively scarce but thanks to the work being done in the area, zebra, warthog, kudu and otter are starting to return to the area. Recent wildlife sightings across the region have included wild dog, elephant, bushbuck, reedbuck, duiker, sable, hippo and leopard.

The local Nyanja communities have also agreed to stop hunting wild animals and cutting wood for export. Instead they focus on agriculture and tourism, activities which produce better long-term results.

The Manda Wilderness Community Conservation Area puts the communities’ destiny in their own hands, helping them develop a sustainable resource for future generations.