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Eco Tourism

Three Legged Pot

Set in the Manda Wilderness, a remote area in the North of Mozambique which was hard hit by the country’s long and brutal civil war, Nkwichi Lodge is an integral part of the Manda Wilderness Project. This is an innovative three-pronged development venture which promotes the long-term development of the local Nyanja community.

The Manda Wilderness Project combines responsible tourism with grassroots practical help for isolated agrarian villages and the protection of a pristine corner of Mozambique.

It can best be understood by imagining it as a three-legged African pot; a pot which requires three equally-strong legs to stay standing. The legs of the Pot are:

  1. Tourism (Nkwichi Lodge)A high quality, low-impact lodge, attracting tourists to the area, providing employment to local staff and raising awareness of the region both nationally and internationally.
  2. Conservation:Preservation of an unspoilt corner of African wilderness.
  3. Community Development: Practical help for the people of Northern Mozambique, who endured 25 years of war and generations of neglect, through the Manda Wilderness Community Trust (MWCT)

This Project was designed by Nkwichi’s investors to bring the communities of the area together and help them use their environment and resources in a sustainable fashion.


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